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Chinese New Year Red Rope Rat Zodiac Silver Bracelet
Chinese New Year Red Rope Rat Zodiac Silver Bracelet
Chinese New Year Red Rope Rat Zodiac Silver Bracelet
Chinese New Year Red Rope Rat Zodiac Silver Bracelet

Chinese New Year Red Rope Rat Zodiac Silver Bracelet

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Pour your miraculous blessings to fill every corner of the hearts of your beautiful children with the spirit of the Rat Year.

More reason to gift:
The bracelet specification uses 925 silver, which have met the national silver jewelry industry standards. Rest assured, you may return to us if it does not meet the criterias.

Sterling silver vs 925 silver:
One common question that is asked is, what is the difference between sterling silver and 925 silver. The short answer is, there is none. Sterling silver and 925 silver are different names for the same silver alloy.
Pure silver is much too soft to be used in jewelry, it is often combined with other metals to create a more durable metal. When 92.5% of pure silver is mixed with 7.5% of other metals (often copper, nickel or zinc) the resulting alloy is called sterling silver. In other words, 925 silver is the same as sterling silver


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